damien carter

I am saved by grace and I try to live a life that exudes the gratitude for that grace. I am a husband to a very supportive wife and a father to 3 very active young kids. I hold graduate degrees in both biotechnology and business. Which I only mention to give you confidence that I am someone who gets stuff done!

Faith and family are the two biggest things that drive me.



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It lends to my documentary style. I will get posed pictures but I will focus my energy on capturing moments that make up the day. Of course I will get THE kiss, but I will also get the hand holding of parents as they watch THE kiss. 

I have a singular goal with my wedding photography and that is
to capture the story of your day. 


2020 wedding packages begin at $2500
Family sessions begin at $450

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I started shooting professionally in 2010. It went from a passionate hobby to a side business. I still have a day job but I actually look at that as an advantage. I don’t take every job that comes my way. I do it for the love of photography. I first make sure that potential clients and me are a good fit. My images, style and way of working should align with your expectations. However, I also look for the right kind of clients. People that value quality photography and feel compelled to capture life’s special moments in a special way. For families that means going beyond your family selfies and iphone pics. It means getting dressed up, picking a special location and creating keepsakes for future generations to enjoy. For brides and grooms that means getting a photographer that takes each job as an individual project and not some cookie cutter template. My approach is to capture your day exactly how it unfolds in a documentary fashion. I go in with a plan of course and get all the standard shots, but I also let the day play out and capture those special moments and actually the moments between the moments. The wedding album should tell a cohesive story and an emotional one. It should take you back to your special day and that is how I approach my wedding coverage. 

How long have you been shooting? What’s your style? 

Portrait galleries have 30-40 images in them.

Weddings galleries have 50-60 images per hour of coverage in the final gallery so for an 7 hour day you can expect a minimum of 350-400 edited images, often more.  

How many images will I get? 

I use Canon professional gear. I shoot with the 5Dmark 4 and 5DMark 3 (always have a back-up) and all the professional series lenses. I also carry lights/flashes for those dark receptions and am very comfortable using them.  

What equipment do you use?

Of course. I have liability insurance and am happy to provide the details before your wedding to share with your venue if needed.

Do you have insurance?

I sure do, and I’d like to do more. I will book the lowest reasonable travel and we will work it into your package. If you are willing to have me, I am willing to be where you need me. 

Do you travel for weddings?